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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We'll be accepting stories through May 15, 2019. and publishing our final issue in October!  (See full details.) We happily anticipate reading like mad over the next few months!

We know how much goes into writing a story you care about. Glimmer Train tries to set the bar for treating writers with respect, and continues - after 29 years - to actively champion emerging writers. 

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I was just describing what my experience has been like to another writer I've been encouraging…explaining that you are honest, and a force for good, and that sets a tone that comes through in everything, and produces all its own evidence, as all good work being done out of love does, and that's what makes Glimmer Train different.  It's the two of you, it's personal, and it matters.  There is no warmer home for writers than what you two have built.  And I feel so fortunate to have found my home early, because it's made such a difference, and by some strange magic, always when I've needed it the most.—Gabe Herron

We are eager to read your stories!

Susan & Linda  

Sisters and co-editors  

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